Why VIP is the Best Way to do EDC

Why VIP is the Best Way to do EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas (EDC) is officially over and we had a an amazing time! This was the first time pir brand managers, Alex and Keeks got to experience EDC as VIPs! They were treated to shorter check-in and ride lines, had access to “nicer” bathrooms and got to enjoy their favorite acts on an elevated viewing stage. All of these perks came in handy during the 3-day event, especially on the final day when an estimated 135,225 people were in attendance. Yes, the price tag per tickets will run you around $800, but if you plan on being there for all 3 days then it’s completely worth it.

Highlights of our VIP experience:


EDC VIP Entrance


There were a few times when we pulled up into the parking lot with only moments to spare before a must see DJ was on stage. This is when the VIP entrance saved the day! The line was short and moved quickly, helping us make it to our designated stages in a nick of time!






The VIP Lounges


All of the VIP lounges were dope, but the Kinetic VIP lounge was where we spent most of our time. I’m not sure if it was the popular lineup, the colorful ball pit, personal ferris wheel or pool that made this area a favorite; but we found ourselves gravitating to this lounge all 3 nights!


The Vibe


We were so grateful that the people in VIP weren’t pretentious jerks! The vibe in VIP was pretty much the same in general admissions. Sure, we might’ve been sitting around and enjoying the free hookah setup, but the kindness and love amongst all of us was present!






Next Year?

If you’re lucky enough to attend EDC as a VIP, I say go for it! Insomniac really went the extra mile with providing perks and making sure you get the most bang for your buck! We met a lot of amazing people, passed out tons of stickers and made memories that will last a lifetime! Catch ya at the next festival!


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