Stay Hydrated – Water Bottle Ban at Music Festitvals

Stay Hydrated – Water Bottle Ban at Music Festitvals

One of the most famous music festivals in the world is doing away with plastic water bottles. This simple request from the Glastonbury music festival organizers will be a huge benefit to the environment! According to a report by The Times, more than one million plastic water bottles are used during the five-day festival. As you could guess, this waste is not cheap to clean up. In fact, it’s costing festival organizers more the $1 Million to remove the trash left behind from these events. With an estimated 200,000 concert attendees expected to arrive this year, they hope to minimize the amount of garbage left behind by banning single-use water bottles.

How Will I Quench My Thirst?

Festival goers can stay hydrated by using one of the 400 water taps available on the festival grounds. This green thinking organization also provides compostable plates and cutlery. Purchasing a reusable and environmentally friendly water bottle will seem unreasonable in the beginning, but you’ll get your money’s worth shortly after your first multi-day festival. You can even add some fun to your water by sprinkling in our Felix & Ambrosia Unicorn Drops! These CBD flavor drops will provide all the benefits of CBD, while adding a dash of sweet to your drink. 

Will Other Festivals Adopt This Rule?

Every year, more than 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the oceans and scientists predict that this dangerous, virtually non-biodegradable waste will outnumber fish by 2050. If more festival organizers adopted this plastic water bottle ban, our planet would greatly benefit from it. After all, these outdoor concerts will be obsolete if we destroy the venue with garbage.

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