Meet Felix & Ambrosia

Felix means lucky and Ambrosia means food of the Gods. We believe plant medicine is the luckiest food of the Gods you can experience while enjoying your favorite music festival, relaxing with friends, or just soaking in the sun.

- Krista Whitley, Founder & CEO

About Us

Felix & Ambrosia are self-proclaimed festival fairies. What’s a festival fairy? Someone who flies from music festival to music festival leaving a trail of glitter and fun behind everywhere they go. They provide a mystical, magical vibe when they’re around. They listen to multiple genres of music and know the words to the songs. They soak in the sun and surf the crowds. They’re the strangers you just had to take a picture with. They embody the spirit of the event.

Meet Our Festival Fairies

Krista Headshot

Krista Whitley

Founder & CEO