Ambrosia’s Must Have Festival Checklist

Ambrosia’s Must Have Festival Checklist

The excitement of going to your favorite music festival can interfere with your ability to think rationally. You gather your group of best friends, splurge on a ticket, and spend way too much money on the “perfect outfits”. Only to find yourself with a bag full of clothes, shoes, makeup, and zero necessities.

Never find yourself in this situation again by following Ambrosia’s must have checklist:

Sunscreen, Sunglasses And A Hat

Forget fashion, these items are essential to protect yourself from the sun. A little sun-kissed is expected, but no one wants to leave the festival with a gnarly sunburn. I like to our apply Sunny Daze Sun Cream 30 minutes before arriving at the festival. I’d also bring our Burn Out After Sun lotion to cool off my skin after a long day in the sun.

A Refillable Water Bottle

Water is extremely important at an event like this. Between the heat, the dancing, sweating and the booze, it is so easy to get dehydrated. It’s no fun if you miss the concert because you have to get taken out by an ambulance for passing out from dehydration, and it’s obviously not good for your body either. Not a fan of water? Try our Unicorn Flavor Drops, infused with CBD. Put a few drops in your drink and enjoy the benefits of CBD while staying hydrated. I like to mix the rainbow and blueberry together, but you can stick to one flavor if you like.

Tip* Place the flavor drops directly under your tongue to receive quickest results.

Hand Sanitizer

Lots of accidental touching, sweat and porta potties… Need I say more? This isn’t going to be a stay at the Four Seasons, so don’t expect a lavish bathroom and space to stay clean. If you’re a germaphobe or just plain cleanly, then be sure to pack hand sanitizer. If you want to stay festive, I’d grab our Bugger Off hand sanitizer. It’s a 1oz. Bottle of CBD infused hand sanitizer. You’re hands will be clean, sparkly and nimble. You’ll thank me later!

A Portable Phone Charger

We all know the naked and disconnected feeling that takes over when our phone dies, imagine it happening when you’re trying to find your friends in a thick crowd of 100,000 people. If you don’t have a car you can charge your phone in, invest in a portable charger. It will save your life…possibly literally.

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